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You Decide What To Put Inside

Our cocoa is manufactured in origin countries without exploiting local ecosystems

Cocoa Liquor

Explore the cocoa flavors and choose your favorite cocoa liquors, whether  it's an artfully balanced blend or a single origin.


Choose the sweetener that suits your needs:

  • Organic

  • Sugar-free

  • Low GI and GL


You can add pastes and oil based liquids, such as chocolate creamers, nut butters, vanilla or essential oils.

You can also add solid inclusions to the mold, such as whole nuts, dried fruit, spices or sprinkles


Noa Lev

So much fun making my own chocolate.

The kids love it and I love it!


Christine Mancuso

With nut allergies in our house, we were excited to find a safe way to make chocolate at home. Now I’m addicted to making dark chocolate in my own kitchen—infinitely easier than making it from scratch


Sharon Sahar

Finally, I can eat chocolate without a worry. The taste is great, and I don’t feel bad because I put only good stuff inside

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